Philtrum goes up through the nose, physiognomy

In response.

The philtrum can be narrow or wide.  In Chinese physiognomy, beautiful and delicate women have a narrow philtrum while peasant women, uneducated, wide and square faced with prominent jawbones, darker skinned, have a wider philtrum.

In Chinese physiognomy, the philtrum and the shape of the lips reflect the shape of the vagina, and women with a wide and long philtrum are said to have a wider vagina, have a stronger sex drive, and usually bear many children.  These women tend to be shorter in stature with heavy thighs and rounder torsos and less educated.

The above descriptions are classical Chinese physiognomic observations.  So-called “pig faced” women are described as having a wider and longer philtrum.

Women who are fair or pale skinned, tall and skinny, who have an olive face, high nose bridge and narrow nostrils may also have a long philtrum that goes up through the nose.  And according to Chinese classical physiognomy, this reflects the narrow and deeper vaginal tube.  This may also indicate that the clitoris is deeper and thus harder to reach.

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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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