What to do when back hurts from jumping on trampoline?

In response.

The back straightens up on the upward movement and remains straight upon landing.  The landing impact is soft.  Therefore the back pain is not due to impact.  It would be a result of stretching the back muscles and the spine and the soft compression of the spinal discs.

Have someone run their fingers up and down the spine to feel if there is any protrusions or indentations of the spine, i.e., feel  the spine to find out if the spine is curved outwardly or inwardly.  Misalignment of the spinal discs and their compression would most likely be the cause of the back pain.

Stop jumping on the trampoline for awhile and do the following exercise.

Stand behind a dining chair.  If the spine is concave, bend forward very slowly and then return to the standing position.   If the spine is convex, bend backwards very slowly and then return to the standing position.  Then have someone run their fingers up and down the spine again to feel if the protrusions or indentations are still there.  Continue the chair exercise until there are no more protrusions or indentations to be felt.

Then find a minimal impact exercise like standing against a wall with both arms raised and watch TV during a commercial.  If one can hold the arms up for the duration of the commercial, that means that one has been doing the arm raising exercise for about 00:01:30 to about 00:02:30 minutes.  Men cannot keep their arms up in the air for more than 00:00:30 seconds but women can usually hold their arms up in the air for 00:01:00 to about 00:03:00 minutes.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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4 Responses to What to do when back hurts from jumping on trampoline?

  1. mendezathena says:

    That sounds helpful. Thank you for the information.
    Worst case is we land on the floor! Well it’s important to have those trampoline safety nets to avoid excruciating injuries.

  2. Mark Tully says:

    Whatever can you mean by standing behind a chair? Do I lean on it? do I brace myself with it?
    You say nothing except stand behind it. Do you mean if my back is concave to bend over the back of the chair and put my belly in it? Like to try to put my head on the seat? I really dont understand. Please help.

    • Stand behind a dining chair with a chair back that comes up to the belly. The belly is against the back of the chair. Then bend forwards so the head bends towards the seat. In other words, stand with the belly against a chair with a chair back, then bow like a Japanese.

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    I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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